Things to Do in Annapolis

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Incorporated in 1708, Annapolis MD is a colonial capital with a rich history. Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, this thriving city is a national center for sailing, annually drawing thousands of boating aficionados from around the world.

Things to do in Annapolis

Annapolis is a treasure trove for history and architecture buffs, with many of the city’s 18th century buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Erected in 1772, the Maryland State House is the largest legislative building in the U.S. still in use today. Other highlights of Annapolis historic sites and museums are the Banneker-Douglass Museum and the Kunta-Kinte Alex Haley Memorial, overlooking the harbor where Alex Haley memorialized Kunta-Kinte’s arrival and subsequent sale. It now has a bronze sculpture of Mr. Haley telling his story to bronze children rapt with attention.

You can rent boats, kayak, stroll the historic streets, take the walking tour or plan your own. Try the water taxi to take you from downtown Annapolis to Eastport or even to your boat, if it’s anchored in the harbor.

Visitors planning to stay more than a day or two can pursue a number of day trips, including a jaunt to nearby Solomons Island, as well as enjoy excellent local theater, restaurants and shopping. read more…

Annapolis Shopping: An Overview

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Annapolis Maryland is located in Anne Arundel County, a short drive from Baltimore, Maryland or Washington, D.C. It is the beautiful sailing capital of America, known for the U.S. Naval Academy situated on the Chesapeake Bay. The quaint town combines charm with sophistication. Along with the historic attractions, Annapolis shopping offers everything from chain stores to small, distinctive one-of-a kind boutiques. read more…

Annapolis Hotels And Accommodations: An Overview

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Annapolis Maryland is a state capital rich in history and culture attracting a large number of annual visitors. There are a multitude of fine hotels in downtown Annapolis, well-kept bed and breakfast accommodations, and historical inns that make for a comfortable stay while in town. Most of the best known hotels are within walking distance of the major sightseeing landmarks, including the Annapolis waterfront district and the United States Naval Academy. read more…

Annapolis Restaurants: An Overview

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Annapolis Maryland is a rich city, brimming with history, music, and an almost limitless supply of things to do. Dining in Annapolis is especially delectable; restaurant choices range from upscale establishments to small but tasty pubs and family-run diners. Built on the Chesapeake Bay, the city of Annapolis MD has a wonderful selection of seafood restaurants that serve fresh and delicious dishes. For those who do not have a taste for seafood, French, Italian, Japanese, and traditional American fare are only a few of the options available. The majority of Annapolis restaurants are clustered around the Main Street area, spilling into Church Circle and Dock Street, which is built along the Annapolis waterfront. read more…

West Street Wears a Pretty New Face

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West Street has a pretty new face—several of them, in fact. Once a major eyesore of ramshackle buildings and down-on-their-luckers, West Street has undergone a major nip and tuck. And it looks mahvalous.

A short stroll from the Naval Academy, and the Main Street and Maryland Avenue shopping districts, West Street has morphed into a hip and happening ‘hood.

Until the makeover began a decade ago, the turf belonged largely to prostitutes, drug dealers, and lost tourists searching for City Dock. To drive down the street was to risk eviscerating your buggy’s belly or disappearing in a pothole bigger than Peoria.

Best I can recall, when I arrived from the D.C. ‘burbs in the mid-80’s, the Rams Head tavern, then a teeny basement brew-and-burger joint, and a mom-and-pop pizza parlor were the only draws. read more…

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